Great insight into how AWS is developing such an explosive growth in services. Being clear about what you'd say to the press on launch, and how you'd handle the key questions relevant to many clients.

Accelerating innovation to market is a key imperative for many clients. It is not easy. Too little project management process and you get a lot of well intentioned but wasted effort. Too much and you also get wasted effort in the form of an ineffective process and worst little by way of new products and services.

Andy Jassy's description of how AWS delivers its breathtaking avalanche of innovation offers important advice to many. Worth a read but in short:

1) You won't innovate if you try and avoid failure

2) Experimentation is the name of the game

3) Small autonomous teams are empowered to deliver

4) Keep the functionality tight, and once launched refine it - aiming too high initially slows things down

5) Work back from the customer (not competitors), an Amazon obsession, and in particular do the above starting with the launch press release and FAQs to ensure sufficient thought has been given early on